Unit 9 Reading

a. “This Chart Is a Lonely Hunter: The Narrative Eros of the Infographic”

Summary: The author provides us with examples of info graphics and contemplates the infogasm. To achieve the infogasm that all info graphic designers strive for there are many factors we must take into account but most important is to make sure the graphic has accurate information that is unencumbered.

Take away: Just because there is a lot of information doesn’t mean that an info graphic needs to be chaotic and loud. K.I.S.S.

b. Profile 8: Moritz Stefaner, “Truth and Beauty Operator”  pgs. 314-325

Summary: Stefaner emphasized the importance of sketching and making the design cohesive. He seems to be pointing out that if a design develops and has a final stage of making it look pretty, then it is not quite right. He argues that although most designers seems to think that way, a different approach should be used. Every element of a infographic should help build on it’s underlying meaning, not be added to make it look better because there is beauty in making an accurate info graphic. He also emphasizes sketching as much as possible through the whole process but especially at the beginning.

Take away: Start with sketching, stick with sketching, move to black and white, get out the kinks, and then add color.



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