Unit 3 Reading

a. Chapter 3: The Beauty Paradox: Art and Communication

Summary: This chapter talks about the issues one may have with the design of an info graphic in several different aspects. It’s all about finding the balance in your design so that it does not alienate the viewer or make them turn away in dislike. For instance, balancing what the user has seen before with the new information you are trying to impart on them. Striving for a balanced design helps you to edit said design.

Take away: The idea of the visualization wheel is fascinating! I think I want to try to make my own.

b. Chapter4: The Complexity Challenge: Presentation and Exploration pg 73-92

Summary: This chapter talks about the space that you have to work with on your graphic and how you should use it. Cluttering your graphic with texture or images may not be useful in presenting the data you are trying to display. Every part of the info graphic should be used to emphasize and illustrate the point you are trying to get across to the viewer.

Take away: When going through the designing phase wait to add backgrounds until I have added the rest to ensure that I don’t clutter my design too much.



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