Unit 7 Reading

a. Chapter 8 Creating Information Graphics pgs 153-181

-Summary: This chapter talks about the process of creating info graphics and attempting not to dumb the information down too much. The most important parts of designing an info graphic are making sure you don’t ruin it with bad font and too many colors, and giving the info graphic a solid design layout makes all the difference.

– Take away: Focus on the layout of my info graphics before even thinking about color and font. Build a good looking design before I skip ahead.

b. Profile 6: Geoff McGhee (Stanford University) pgs 293-305

– Summary: McGhee talks about the tools used to create info graphics, their flaws, and their development for improve the creation of graphics. He talks about the importance of the visualization of data and how it needs to be  used to inform more people, to educate more. Knowing that the brain absorbs visual information more readily than textual information adds credence to his point. As humans, there is a lot more that we can learn than we currently are, and info graphics can help us to do that.

– Take away: Touch on the graphic development every day, look at it with fresh eyes and don’t get bogged down by the deadline or personal expectations. Also, teaching through info graphics is a great way to go.



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