P2 Statement


The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project, and consequently NASA, would like to have a graphic made to show technologies progress and encourage interest in the new telescope.

This graphic will first step through the development of technology up to today, which will cover how we began looking at planets and the stars.

Then there will be a display of how many planets have been found to date on a graph accompanied by text that explains, briefly, the trend of discovery today.

Finally, the graphic will close with a look to the future. There will be an image of the JWST to be launched in 2018. There will also be a paragraph briefly explaining the technology being used on the telescope.

Target Audience

This graphic will be geared toward stakeholders of the JWST project. This graphics should encourage viewers to learn more about the new telescope and spread knowledge of the new telescope.


Show what has happened with telescopes over the course of history. A timeline will be shown that depicts the history of how we have looked for planets. This timeline will have small symbols that show the type of device that was used for a certain amount of time (this amount of time will be noted below the timeline).

Show the results. Display all the planets found over time. A graph showing the number of planets discovered over time will be the main focus of the info graphic. Body copy will accompany it to explain the significance of the information.

Show the future. Show new telescope that is being made. This section will have body copy explaining about the JWST being built and that it will be launched in 2018. An image from the JWST website will be displayed that is an artistic rendering of the telescope.


There are large amounts of information involved with this subject. Parsing it down to make it understandable will be a challenge. The information about planets will be mostly kept to planets similiar to Earth. Most humans are more interested in this variation of planets rather than all the variations of planets that are being found.

Key Benefit

Will bring support to project, get more people interested in the new telescope. This new telescope will essentially be replacing the Hubble and will be the most powerful telescope available to Man.

Support Statements/Reasons Why

Bringing more attention to the telescopes development will encourage more stakeholders to participate and therefore donate money to the cause.


This graphic will have an educational feeling without being boring. The graphic should draw the viewer in visually and sufficiently explain all the concepts that are covered without loosing the viewer in information.


This graphic will be shared with stakeholders in PDF format or print format. A base size of 8 x 10 in will be used.

Creative Considerations

None at this time.


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