Week 1: Physical Infographic Process

Brainstorm/mindmap 3 ideas minimum. Research and collect links to relevant information sources. Do not redesign an existing infographic. Consider creating online or print collateral supporting a kickstarter campaign.

  • Mudslide zones in WA – maybe, current events make this relevant. would be a map of WA with highlighted areas and descriptions
  • Parts of a platypus – good idea, diagram, could be a parts comparison or a anatomical diagram. go for anatomical diagram because it’s less
  • Natural disaster regions of America – maybe, relevant because of events. would be map of US with highlighted regions and descriptions.

Establish a client for this project: who pays for this? Why?  Explain the client and the destination(s) for this project. Explaining fully the real world context of your project will improve your final result. Imagine hard and make a plausible scenario.

  • Client – Pacific Science Center – http://www.pacificsciencecenter.org/
  • What does the client want out of the project? A graphic that can go in the magazines for free and also be displayed on Facebook in order to spread.
  • What is the destination of this project? this project would be displayed online, on Facebook, and in magazines as ads.

Establish the destination for this project:

print? if so, what magazine, newspaper? What dimensions do you have to work with? website? if so, how much real estate in pixel dimensions do you have to work with, how many pages? What images/screenshots do you need to establish this project in context?

– Web, magazines (Kids NW)

– Dimensions:

– Images of a platypus to base my own images off of. Legitimate information about the platypus.

Are you working with a developer who will translate your mockup to to code/actionscript/flash? What sort of layer organization- intelligently titled groups will your developer need in the photoshop or illustrator file you deliver? Group review of research on blog at end of class.

– Coding: Not at the moment

– Text, Main Illustration, Side Bar, etc


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