P1 Project Statement


The platypus is a confusing, interesting animal that many people do not know a lot about. In order to encourage others to be more interested in science and fascinating animals throughout the world I want to create an info graphic for the Pacific Science Center. I’m using the platypus as a proxy in order to engage others in scientific subjects. The uniqueness of the platypus is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the curiosities of the scientific world. Come to the Pacific Science Center and discover what lies beneath!

Target Audience

The target audience will be adults with kids. The resulting info graphic that will encourage parents to take their kids to the Pacific Science Center. The info graphic should also peak science interest in a dormant mind perusing the internet.


The objective of the info graphic is to intrigue kids and adults alike. Intrigue enables the viewers to explore the platypus further and also look into the Pacific Science Center as a source of entertainment and discovery. The design needs to be visually interesting and intellectually stimulating in order for viewers to go to the Pacific Science Center and provide money for the client to continue to educate viewers. The info graphic will be advertised on PSC’s Facebook page in order to garner more attention for the PSC and draw visitors. Using the info graphic as an ad in a local magazine will allow a wider audience to be reached and interested. It needs to be interesting enough that it will be re-posted onto people’s Facebook walls. Should get comments like “funny”, “cute”, and “I didn’t know that!”

The PSC wants some specific information in their graphic, including: the life cycle of the egg of the platypus, the evolutionary relationships, what plural platypus are called, where they are from, and other interesting bits of information.


The evolutionary basis that may be touched upon that may contradict individuals personal beliefs. Pressure or stigma of science being the answer.

Key Benefit

Encouraging curiosity about science is what the PSC wants people to take away. People that are curious will educate themselves. You can’t force education on people but you can quip their interest. A gained curiosity is the only way for people to find out what is there, and ultimately have the curiosity to explore more through PSC.

Support Statements/Reason Why

The mission is to get people excited not to get people to believe.


The tone will be light. It’s going to be filled with fun, interesting, and potentially humorous information in appropriate places.


The media used for this info graphic will be a web based design first, followed by a magazine ad.

Creative Consideration



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